Training for 4,000m UP

  Training for 4,000m UP

  Training for 4,000m UP

  Training for 4,000m UP

  Training for 4,000m UP

Training for 4,000m UP


Conquer the Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl are projects that take months of preparation, dedication, effort and discipline. 

We have trips scheduled training and adaptation to high mountains. It is important that you participate in as many as possible to go as prepared as possible.

You will share good times with your new adventure partners. Be nice to them, because at some point they will support you (when you think of given up)

Meeting point will be assigned for each excursion.


  • Zone: , Nuevo Leon / Coahuila, MEXICO
  • Age: 18 - minors should be acompanied by a parent
  • Estimated time from the starting point: 10 hr
  • Time to get from meeting to starting point: 2 hr
  • Activities Period: 1 day
  • Nights: 1
  • Distance: 14 kms
  • Tour Challenges

  • Several hours hiking
  • Acclimatization to the altitude above sea level
  • Support and be supported by other mountaineers

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    Meeting point

    The meeting point, departure and return is in: the mall parking lot Plaza Real (Av Gonzalitos and Fleteros) infront the Starbucks coffee. From this point we will go to the adventure.


    Expeditions are scheduled from october to february, avoiding rain.


    Advanced: this route requires experience in hiking and rappel, the route involves walking in paths, between stones and can have down-climbing. This cannot be your first excursion with AVENTUREROS® we recommend a trip with a lower level of difficulty before you can make this one with us. EXCELLENT phisycal condition is required and no one with overweight is admitted.

    Gear included

  • Ropes
  • Camping tent
  • Guide gear: Contingencies and First aid kit

  • Gear you should bring (Not incluided)

  • BackPack to carry your gear, food and drinks
  • Biking gloves to protect your hands
  • Hiking Poles
  • Head lamp (whith new bateries)
  • Sun Block bio-friendly only


  • Dry-fit or cotton shirt
  • Convertible or mountain pant
  • Socks (you can use double socks to have your tennis well adjusted)
  • Mountain boot or tennis shoes, in optimal condition
  • Windbreaker (watreproof)
  • Cap & sun glasses

    If you have not the recomended cloth, you can buy it on VERTIMANIA

    Recomendations before the trip

  • No intense activities the one or two days before the trip.
  • No alcohol drinking the night before.
  • Be well hydrated.
  • Eat well (healthy).
  • Be well rested.
  • Be on time to the meeting point.
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