Reflections canyon

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Un tour de cañonismo y montañismo en un rincón especial de la Sierra Madre. Descenderás un cañón casi virgen, con rapeles de hasta 50 metros de altura y emocionantes destrepes. Esta excursión ofrece vistas panorámicas increíbles, contacto con diferentes ecosistemas y muchos retos físicos durante todo un día. ¡Especial para aventureros de corazón!.

+ Caminata en montaña 🌄
+ Escalada en roca

💪 El esfuerzo físico requerido es medio 
Restricciones 🚯🚭 Mayores de 12 años en Adelante. 

 Guías capacitados 😎
☑ Seguro de gastos médicos (por reembolso)
☑ Equipo de seguridad: casco, arnés, sistemas de descenso y ascenso
📷 Fotografías compartidas 📸💪👱‍

🔴 Precio Regular: 💰 $1,290 MXN por aventurero.


Siempre elige experiencia por encima del costo.

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All year, but it is highly recommended from autum to spring. Summer is very hot.


Intermediate: this route is apt for people with little experience in hiking, the route involves walking in paths, between stones and can have down climbing. Although this can be your first adventure trip is necessary that you have the ability to move mountain terrain. GOOD phisycal condition is required and no one with overweight will be admitted.

Gear included

  • Helmet
  • Harnes
  • Rappel System
  • Life line
  • Ropes
  • Guide Gear: Contingencies and First Aid Kits

  • Each participant will be responsible of the gear provided, and will have to be carried in your own backpack when it is not in use.
    Lost gear should be payed as new.

    Gear you should bring (Not incluided)

  • BackPack to carry your gear, food and drinks
  • Biking gloves to protect your hands
  • Sun Block, Bio-friendly only
  • Digital cameras, water and shock proof

    If you have not some of these items, visit VERTIMANÍA and buy it

    Service Information


  • Zone: Casa Blanca García, Nuevo León, MEXICO
  • Age: 12 - minors should be acompanied by a parent
  • Estimated time from the starting point: 8 hr
  • Time to get from meeting to starting point: 1 hr
  • Activities Period: 1 day
  • Nights: 1
  • Distance: 13 kms
  • Tour Challenges

  • Rappels: 7
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Downclimbing
  • Clothes

  • Dry-fit or cotton shirt
  • Convertible or mountain pant
  • Socks (you can use double socks to have your tennis well adjusted)
  • Tennis shoes in optimal condition
  • In excursions with dirt road transportation bring a sweater, windbreaker (watreproof) and a cap.
  • Yous can leave personal gear in the vehicle.

    If you have not the recomended cloth, you can buy it on VERTIMANIA


    Groups can be made of 5 people minimum. In case of not being able to form a group, you'll have to make reservations with a full payment of the tour and wait to be assigned to one of the groups formed by other people. If you can't be assigned, you'll be refunded. You may ask for VIP groups with no minimum persons and guides will be assigned exclusively for you including all meals, transportation from airport , cabins and hotel nights.


    Food is NOT included in this trip, we recommend you bring 3 litters of water and energy bars

    Recomendations before the trip

  • No intense activities the one or two days before the trip.
  • No alcohol drinking the night before.
  • Be well hydrated.
  • Eat well (healthy).
  • Be well rested.
  • Be on time to the meeting point.
  • What Other Visitors Experienced

    Service Tabs

    The meeting point, departure and return is in: the mall parking lot Plaza Real (Av Gonzalitos and Fleteros) infront the Starbucks coffee. From this point we will go to the adventure.


    Mapa topogrfico de Reflections canyon

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