Each person who provides us with their data to make an adventure reservation and contract, accepts the following terms and conditions

⏳ The ideal reservations must be registered at least 10 days before the chosen date, understanding that they are subject to availability, minimums and maximums of participants. Although occasionally it will be possible to contract up to 48 hours in advance of the date.

📒 To make the reservation you can use:

▶ The website www.aventureros.mx.

▶ The telephone service, instant messaging of any of our social networks, or

▶ Going to our offices and sales modules

   ❗ ⚠ Only the reservation that has paid at least 50% of the total operation will be honored and must be fully covered at least 10 days before the chosen date. ⚠ Reservation that is not finalized in a timely manner will be canceled and will NOT have the right to a refund.


💰 You can make payments for your reservation or adventure:

▶ In cash:

✅ In our offices

✅ Sales modules,

✅ Bank window

✅ the convenience stores "Oxxo, 7 Eleven, Farmacias Guadalajara"

▶ Bank deposit: make sure we know it's yours.

✅ Write your data in it (Full name, Adventure name, Adventure date and number of people who cover the payment) and send us the image to info@aventureros.mx

▶ Electronic transfer.

✅ In the reference, enter your name and the reservation number that was provided to you.


 General remarks:


✅ None of the prices expressed on our page includes 16% VAT. If you require an invoice, please request it at the time of your reservation.


✅ The price you are paying does not include alcoholic beverages or tips

✅ No promotion applies to reservations that have been made before the launch date of the same.

✅ The date changes in the tours can only be made if you notify them at least 10 days before the event. For this change to apply, 100% of the payment of the adventure must be covered, otherwise it will be for the Adventurers to consider the possibility of doing so. Likewise, its rescheduling will be subject to the subsequent available dates or adventure change.

✅ The person who provides the information of the participants and makes the contract with Adventurers will be solely responsible for sharing all the information and rules of the game for participation in the adventures, reservations, cancellations. In other words, whoever hired us is who we will only understand each other.




       If you want to cancel your adventure, it will cost you.

▶ Canceling more than 10 days in advance: Adventurers will charge 50% of the cost of the reserved adventure or the amount you have deposited if it is less than 50%

▶ Canceling less than 10 days in advance of your contracted date: 100% of the advance or payment made.

▶ If the client does not show up at the established time and place, there will be no form of refund, bonus or rescheduling.

 We reserve the right to cancel the adventure for the following reasons:

  Causes beyond our control or control:

⭕ Climatic,

⭕ Instructions from the authorities,

⭕ Mechanical failures or acts of God

If this situation occurs (for any of these causes), the company will not make any type of reimbursement. Only another departure date will be rescheduled or a similar activity will be sought on the same day.

⛔If you show up in an inconvenient condition (intoxicated or in good health) and you will not have the right to a refund or rescheduling of the date.


❗ ⚠ Only refunds that proceed according to the policies just described will be made and will be made directly to the bank account requested by the person who directly hired us.

❗ ⚠ And we can take up to 5 business days to do them.

❗ ⚠ The person requesting reimbursement must verify the payments that they have made.


Important for your Tour


· It is necessary that you provide us with certain personal information, we promise to make correct use of it.

o Data for Insurance.-

✅ Full name,

✅ Date of Birth,

✅ Age,


✅ Origin,

✅ Full address,

✅ Phone

✅ Email (These data are for each of the participants, including minors).

⛔ Who cannot go:

▶ People who have illnesses, recent surgeries, pregnant women, injuries, or problems with joints or excess weight.

▶ We will not accept people who are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs, for this reason they will not receive any refund.