Reservation Policies

· Reservations must be registered at least 15 days before the chosen date.

· To make a reservation you can use:

o website.

o The telephone service or

or visiting our offices and sales modules

· Respect the reservation only have paid at least 50% of the operation and must be covered in full at least 10 days before the chosen date. Reservation is not clinched timely will be canceled and no right to reimbursement.

· Payments for your reservation or adventure you make:

or cash:

§ In our offices

§ Modules sale

§ banking window

§ and convenience stores "7 Eleven"

or Bank Deposit: make sure we know it's yours.

§ Write your data to it (full name, name of adventure, adventure date and number of people that covers the payment) and send the image to

or electronic transfer.

§ In the reference capture your name and booking number that you provided.

· None of the prices shown on our website include 16% VAT. If you require invoice please ask at time of reservation.

· The price you're paying does not include alcoholic beverages, or gratuities

· No promotion applies to bookings that have been made prior to the release date of it.

· The date changes in the routes you only if you notify them at least 10 days before the event. To apply the change, must be covered 100% payment of the adventure.





· If you cancel your adventure, you will cost.

· 50% of the cost of the adventure reserved (canceling 10 days before the date booked).

· 100% of the deposit or payment made (canceling 9 or fewer days before the date booked).

· If a no-show at the time and place set, there will be no refund, rebate or any reprogramming.

· We reserve the right to cancelarte the adventure for the following reasons:

or causes beyond our control:

§ climatic

Instructions § authorities,

§ Mechanical failures or acts of God.

§ In this situation arise (for any of these reasons) The company will make no refund. Only rescheduled another departure date or looking to make a similar activity on the same day.

o If you show up at inconvenient state (intoxicated or health) and are not entitled to a refund or rescheduling of date.


Important for Your Travel


· It is necessary that you provide certain personal information, we pledge to make proper use of it.

or data for sure. -

§ Full name,

§ Date of Birth,

§ Age,

§ Nationality,

§ Source,

§ Full address,

§ Phone

§ Mail (These data are from each of the participants, including minors).

Who can not go:

People with diseases at the time, recent surgery, pregnancy, injury, or problems with joints or overweight.

We will not accept people who are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs, for this reason not be refunded.