At Aventureros Extremos en Serio we know the importance of caring for and preserving the environment, as well as minimizing the negative environmental, social and economic impacts that may be produced by the operation of our tours.

In accordance with, we follow the following sustainable tourism policies:

✅ We respect all applicable laws and regulations to meet the sustainability goals applicable to our line of business.

✅ Our suppliers are instructed to share our vision of sustainability.

✅ We participate in community development events in which we operate, seeking respect and inclusion of the population where we carry out the tours.

✅ We promote the consumption of local products and services and those of the communities in which we operate.

✅ We communicate and make our clients aware of the importance of environmental conservation, care for nature, our values ​​as an adventure operator and the importance of responsibly supporting the communities we visit.

✅ We participate in campaigns and activities for the protection, conservation or restoration of the environment.

✅ We reduce the impact of solid waste on the environment by including within our operation a waste control plan and we encourage the reduction of "single-use plastics".

✅ We minimize disturbances to the ecosystem on the routes we operate, always respecting nature.

✅ We work to preserve and publicize the culture and natural wealth of the region.